Clickjaking seems to be going on a lot lately, you may have heard of it with the whole Facebook attack going on right now. Many people are victims of Clickjacking attacks, and its a hard attack to detect them. Many times it happens in the background without the user ever knowing. So what is Clickjacking? Well just check Wikipedia its a good enough description.

Simply put by

Clickjacking, put simply, is when a button, image, video, or some form of embedded content on a website is overlaid by an invisible layer that sits on top of the site underneath it. also had a fairly good example explanation:

For instance, you may see a page with a movie embedded on it. You want to watch the movie, so you click on the play button. You don’t think twice about it — you’ve done it a million times. Meanwhile, a hacker has superimposed an invisible web page over the movie. It just so happens that a button allowing access to your camera and microphone has been placed over the movie’s play button. Now, when you think you’re playing the movie, you’re actually permitting the hacker to access your video camera and microphone.

So your click on something that isn’t what it seems to be causes bad things to happen. Usually without you knowing. So how do you prevent it?

Keeping your browser and flash player up to date is the first step. Instead of repeating the rest of the information that’s already on the internet here’s a link that will give you some tips:


Hopefully this information will help for people who haven’t heard about Clickjacking yet. For those who have, hopefully all of you, this is just a reminder to make sure your secure.






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