What Is

As many may know, there have been sophisticated attacks on many major world companies in the world over the last decade or so. Now most of these are reputed with a fair bit of backup proof to come from one source, but that is not the topic of discussion of this post. My point is why it can happen and continue to happen.

Our information’s systems are a massive, complicated, system stretching over and connected to even more networks around the world. Connections are made, broken, and remade in the blink of an eye, loads of information transferred around the world with no true origination port or destination. Information, unlike any other commodity or possession, can be copied or stolen without actually removing it from the source, leaving detection to the forensics specialists, if they even know to look. People can go into a system, move through it gleaning what they might, and continue onto another system.

That very interconnectivity, while maybe wonderful for research and other legitimate operations leaves us open to many sorts of attacks, and once they enter the system, they might flow to any other connected system with little to no other interference. Not only are the systems interconnected to nigh everything, they very infrastructure is antiquated, as the financial burden would be impossible for a country to bear. A person or organization with the right motivation and equipment could shut the country down and mess with our infrastructure to the point of destruction.