Another Major Online Retailer Hacked

Zappos hacked, 24 million accounts accessed


Once again 24 million customers of an online store have had their personal information compromised.  Zappo recognized that there was an illegal and unauthorized access to account information.  Unfortunately along with customer information being stolen passwords were also taken and the company is requesting that you change your password not only for Zappos for any other site you may have used the same username/password combination for.

                Zappos has ensured their customers that all password data is encoded and that attackers would not be able to decode or want to take the time. is a daughter company of Zappos and their customers were also affected. The sad truth is that the Zappos attack still pales in comparison to the Sony attack that affected 77 million customers or the Citigroup attack which stole 2.7 million from people accounts.  Data Breaches have cost corporations 130.1 Billion last year.  This includes the amount of 39 Billion actually stolen.


One thought on “Another Major Online Retailer Hacked

  1. Many people including my fiance and I have begun doing most of our shopping online. Having 2 children it is just much easier and I’m sure many other families are doing the same. Billions of dollars are spent online every year so it is only natural that hackers are trying to cash in on this fact. The frequency and success of these attacks is frightening, there seem to be many people out there smart enough to get a top IT job for any company that would rather spend there time taking part in criminal activity. I hope these companies beef up there IT security and can protect people like my fiance and I. We trust them with our life as we know it basically, if a hacker gets hold of our social security number they can tank your credit ruining the ability to get a credit card, purchase a car or even worse no longer be able to rent or purchase a home. Please online retailers, PROTECT US!

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