Growing hacktivism and cyber attacks

Recently developing over the past few months the internet community has been in arms over proposed bills, corruption in the government, other local authorities, and what they deem corruption. Different hacktivist groups have been growing more bold as they orchestrate larger and larger attacks.

Just this past week the group temporarily shut down the Department of justice, the FBI, the Copyright office, the motion picture association, and the recording industry association presumably for payback for the recent DOJ shutdown of megaupload. In addition to these minor shutdowns, they’ve come to acquire confidential and private information and recordings.

In a recent attack on Puckkett Faraj the law firm currently handling the case of Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, accused of leading the massacre in Haditha where 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians were killed. Anonymous stole roughly 3 gigabytes of e-mails, and other records regarding the case to be exposed later this week in the form of a torrent. To expose the truth, and the minimal charges placed on Mr. Wuterich who is taking a plea that will merely demote him to a private as opposed to any prison time or other punishments.

In addition to this they also managed to gain access to a FBI Conference Call between members of Scotland yard and the FBI relating to members of this hacktivist group. All stated above was obtained illegally and with accordance to the groups agenda for whatever reasons motivate them.

Cyber terrorism, war, and attacks have been going on for quite a long time, but recently there seems to be a lot of clashes between different groups, governments, and individuals who all are acting for their own personal reasons. And I foresee this only getting worse, and continuing to grow out of hand. Not sure whose going to come out a head, but sooner or later somethings going to give, or someone is going to break.