Google’s New “Privacy Policy”

Since it seems everyone is on the net these days and are connected by some social network or another there is growing concerns about privacy. Google has been taking a lot of heat lately for changing its privacy policy. They are going to make it where all of their services have access to your data from each other. The main reason Google is doing this is because it wants to be able to provide customized ads to its user base.

Google is trying to cover the whole issue by saying that using a social network is more secure private than being without one. This is also coming from a company that happens to run a growing social network. Many believe that companies should rename privacy policies to something like data use policies like Facebook. Companies are no longer keeping a person’s data safe; they are sharing it to make money. A data use policy outlines what they have the power to share and to whom they may share it with.

Google released a research paper about the how effective social media is towards privacy. The first study they conducted showed that it is possible to create a trustworthy network that is engaging hand supportive. That again points to them furthering their own agenda since they need people to stay on the web and use their service and the longer they are on the web the more ads they will see and the more money they will make.

The paper also showed that in a second study people were 3% more engaged in sharing if the media had some sort of social element like a link or a like button. I think that that is not enough to show how being on a social network is better than being without one. I do believe that Google is not an evil entity and that is should be more straight forward with its user base and not hide behind arbitrary privacy policies. They should just clearly lay out what they doing with the data and if it is not too outrageous it should not be a dilemma.


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  1. I think that’s a fair point regarding data sharing. Because what people are increasing becoming concerned with is the security of their private information. The idea of a data use policy seems more practical then that of privacy policies considering what the information is being used for, and where its going. If the company has any intentions to use your information, then you should be made aware of that, and explicitly tell them what you can do with that data. And considering you’re using a free service I don’t think its incredibly out of bounds for the company to have some sort of return for using their service, even if you don’t approve. It’s your choice to use the service. But I agree that google is not some big evil super giant, if they’d just be more direct with their user base, then it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But security is a big deal, and some people are afraid and these privacy policies could be unsettling so companies need to figure out what works best for enhancing privacy in a way that people are okay with.

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