Is it working yet? In Other News, Obama likes Executive Order!

So it has been brought to my attention that I need to write this blog because of reasons unknown to me. The consequences of writing this blog entail passing a class in college, which seems like a pretty good thing if you ask me. But why would you ask me in the first place? I digress.

Well I am not sure if I am supposed to indent or leave two spaces after ever period, like they do in conventional writing, but I am going to do it anyways and one such as the reader, who presumably is you, should just accept this. Now that we have, potentially, enjoyed that little rant, I will talk about the topic that is actually important.

So, less than a year ago, the government was going crazy trying to regulate the interwebz (internet?) and stop any entertainment hacking that could occur, and potentially compromise any government information. Well bills like sopa got shot down in fiery hatred, partially from the internet, partially from the government. Now our intellegent congress is shutting down another proposal. The bills are always claimed to be infringing on private rights among other complaints. Furthermore, the proposals are shut down because they either are to little or two much, and a middle ground has yet to be found.

The Obama administration has now declared that an executive order is being considered. Ladies and gentlemen prepare for complete regulation and destruction of the internet Obama to try and fix the problem, like every other problem he has failed to fix. The reason that cybersecurity is really trying to be pushed through is because everything from power grids to oil lines, allegedly, has great potential for being a target of cyber attacks. While I don’t support something as ridiculous as sopa, and I don’t think Obama knows what he is doing, I do think that a consensus can be reached. The question that remains is simply can the government reach a middle ground in time.

An Article on the Bill with some videos: http://www huffingtonpost com/2012/08/08/executive-order-cybersecurity-obama_n_1757490.html

Another article: http://www businessweek com/news/2012-09-08/obama-weighs-executive-order-to-defend-against-cyber-attacks


7 thoughts on “Is it working yet? In Other News, Obama likes Executive Order!

  1. Wouldn’t this action be like part 2 of the Patriot Act? I’m being sarcastic, but maybe some things of a fear based nature may cause us to jump the gun. Is this one of those things or what? I think our government loves money way more than we (the people) do.

    • Well of course the government loves money. Its a business… but in all seriousness, not that I wasn’t being serious before, but I do think this may be a bit out of fear. Remember, most government higherups may not understand hacking like we do, if we even understand it.

  2. I hope that we actually can get a bill passed that would make it so commercial companies would have to have high levels of cyber security because I like running water, electricity, roads, and the ability to not have to worry about my bank account getting drained through no fault of my own. Not to mention this could actually make it so that we all get good paying jobs out of college.

  3. I just hope this decisions gets made by technicians, or programmers, or SysOps, or somebody who understands how the network operates. Seems like the government keeps having to make choices regarding something most of them probably don’t understand.

  4. I personally think that there needs to be a bill passed to regulate the internet. The big problem with that is that the internet is open to everyone and not just a certain group of people. With this being said I think that it is almost impossible to find something that everyone agrees on, but that’s only one problem with this. The other is who is actually making these bills trying to be passed. I do not like the thought of congress making bills to regulate the internet, half of them probably don’t even use it. If they really wanted a decent bill they should actually consult with people that know what they are talking about because if they don’t two things could happen. We either don’t move from this point and bill after bill get shot down, or some bill will get passed and people are going to go crazy and the bill will have to change anyways. Congress has a multitude of resources they can pull from to make a decent bill if they don’t use them what good are they.

  5. While the whole concept of Executive Order is unsettling to me, I believe this may be one of the only times I would accept the use of it. Our checks and balances system is what keeps us stable, but as of recently I don’t know whether to trust Congress with the more technical issues. I mean, I knew certain members of Congress were a bit elderly, but dear god, during the SOPA fiasco I found myself turning off the television in frustration. While it’s true Obama is more tech savvy than a majority of Congress, I’m hoping he is making these decisions based off of professional advisement.

  6. Finally, some cyber law! While i don’t think that big government should make all of the internet laws, it’s about time that they stepped in. Obama is our first “Cyber President” insistent on keeping his Blackberry when in office. It’s going to take time, trial, and error, but eventually cyber law will be an excellent addition to society.

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