Security Risks of Smartphones


In today’s society, having an iPhone, a Droid, or any other smartphone is nowhere near as uncommon as it was in previous years. Popular with preteens, college students, and even retirees, smartphones are taking over social media and are beginning to control our lives. All you have to do is look around to realize how mainstream smartphones are today, and due to the huge increase in smartphone usage, along with the amount of personal information on them, smartphones are major targets for security breaches, that many people are unaware of.

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular because they are easy to use and let you have everything you can possibly imagine at your fingertips. Smartphones are commonly used for mobile banking and for checking other online accounts and, although these examples sound like they would be extremely beneficial, are in fact very harmful to your personal security.

Unlike desktop computers, smartphones do not have the advantage of antivirus software, which makes them much more vulnerable to be targeted by hackers. With so much valuable information laying around, it would be stupid for a hacker looking to make money, to completely overlook the smartphone revolution. Everyone’s information is just laying around, waiting to be stolen. If a hacker really wants to, they can easily steal your banking information and any other information that you have accessed on your mobile device, sometimes without the user even knowing.

Steps to make your smartphone safer:

– using a PIN on your phone

– stay away from sketchy wireless networks

– be careful when using Bluetooth

– only use trusted applications

A CNN article about Cyberattacks on smartphones, September 17, 2012

8 Steps to make your smartphone safer


7 thoughts on “Security Risks of Smartphones

  1. I’m surprised that people actually do there banking or make other money based transactions on there phone. I could see purchasing an app or 2, but paying your light bill, no way!

    • I agree with you. I think phones in general should be used for pleasure uses and not for business uses. I saw a commercial for an app to swipe credit cards on your iPhone or to take pictures of a pay check and check it in from there.

      • I recently updated my bank account app and they added a feature where you can snap a photo of a check and it posts to your account. There are a few conditions though, and I never would use this. I told my boyfriend about it and the first thing he said was “I wouldn’t trust that”.

  2. My laptop died toward the end of august last year. For the first three months of class, my droid was effectively my laptop- and I discovered it made a pretty good one. Longer papers and reports I preferred a full sized keyboard, and it wasn’t very good for gaming, but I actually wound up making it compile C++ code, check mycourses, check email, and all the other fun things we do on our laptops. And I’d bet my phone was just about exactly as secure as someone else’s laptop. Lookout vs McAfee, Windows 7 vs DroidOS- any bets on which is better? The question “Why would someone do this from a phone” is pretty much identical to “why would someone do this from a laptop?”

    • I use my laptop and phone interchangeably. Depending on what I’m doing, I make sure I’m always connected to a secure wireless network. If not, I wouldn’t dare do anything personal like banking, buying something online, etc.

  3. Even when I am using my laptop, I stay as far away from unsecure networks as I can. The only reason I use them is if I am in dire need of an internet connection which would only last a few minutes, minus banking or anything involving critical personal information.

  4. It’s important to have some kind of security on your phone even if it just stops someone from accessing it if your phone were stolen.

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