Times reporter arrested over NightJack blogger email hack

“I would have never thought”!

   We are not only vulnerable to computer geeks with enormous ego’s or program savvy thief’s that commit cyber-crimes based on the act of committing the crimes and being successful at accomplishing them.

I choose this article because it talks about by a former newspaper journalist named Patrick Foster that worked for The Times (Europe). He was arrested by British police in connection with an alleged hack of a blogger’s email account in 2009. This is an on going investigation.

Patrick was arrested because he hacked an email account belonging to the anonymous police blogger NightJack in 2009. The Times newspaper outed a detective named Richard Horton, revealing him to be the author of the NightJack blog.

James Harding the editor apologized earlier this year to the inquiry into press standards, saying that he regretted the intrusion and expected “better of The Times”. James Harding is also being questioned over conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Patrick Foster is the 11th person to be arrested as part of Scotland Yard’s “Operation Tuleta” for alleged computer hacking by the media.

In recent months, allegations have been made that newspaper journalists (or private investigators working for them) hacked into computers belonging to police chiefs, government ministers and former army intelligence officers.

Editor Richard Horton, controlling shareholder of News Corporation


Stolen Cell Allegations



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  1. The “protection” that a computer can give someone is very misleading. When people like Patrick commit these acts they think of the computer as a one way mirror, and rarely anticipate that the police can actually reach through the screen and nab them.

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