Scareware Scammer Fined 163 mil

The Federal Trade Commission has recently been cracking down on Internet Scareware.  Scammer Kristy Ross has been the final defendant in a case, facing a fine of up to $163 million.  Not only facing charges, Ross has also been permanently banned from selling computer software and from any kind of deceptive marketing.
Ross was one of a collection of people charged in 2008.  These charges were for marketing fake virus removal software.  This software was marketed on web ads where a user would click on the ad and a fake scan would be run, always turning up positive for a virus.  The customer would be charged anywhere between 40-60 dollars for the non-existent virus to be removed.
Last year two other workers with Ross had to pay out $8.2 million.  Ross is now the last person to be put on trial.  Ross claims she was only an employee of Innovative Marketing and had absolutely no knowledge of this being a scam.  However, with the courts most recent decision, Ross faces payment of $163 million.  Image


3 thoughts on “Scareware Scammer Fined 163 mil

  1. The biggest problem with these scammers is as they get caught as they become more and more. If you just open Craigslists or any other sale websites you would probably recognize how many of them are there

  2. Sometimes it is truly shocking how dumb people can be. It is unbelievable that this many people would actually download and pay for these scams. It makes me wonder how hard it would be to actually make a real virus scanning program and sell it.

  3. It’s crazy to think about the amount of ways that someone can be scammed on the Internet. Especially this scam, which is aimed towards people with little to no computer knowledge. When the word ‘virus’ gets brought up to someone who doesn’t know very much about computers, it can be pretty scary. It doesn’t surprise me people paid the big bucks to feel safe again.

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