China Hacks White House

About A week ago the White House’s network was breached by Chinese hackers. According to the White House the hackers used email phishing attacks to gain access to the networks. Someone opened a email they weren’t supposed to and it contained a malicious file or link to a malicious site.  So far in the investigation they are not sure what information was accessed. The hackers also attempted to hacking into U.S. military networks that are said to have information about nuclear commands. It is still unclear if the Chinese was actually about to access the military network and had access to this information. Over the past two years attacks from China on U.S. have increased a good amount. This shows how countries are turning more towards cyber warfare and just how dangerous it is becoming.


5 thoughts on “China Hacks White House

  1. I am honestly not surprised about this at all. Cyber warfare is the next big threat; it’s cheap, its easy, it’s hard to trace, and as we have discussed in previous blogs and in class, everything is run on a network today and having the ability to control or even shut down a countries network is priceless.

  2. I’ve heard a couple of times that most cyber attacks come from China and Russia especially in the US. Maybe because hey have the largest two populations in the whole world or maybe the cause is different. As you said, and since this attack was directed to the US military network, probably a governmental organization in China did it and nobody so far knows what the cause was.

    • The foxnews article said that they believe that it was a certain branch of the Chinese government that did the hacking. Also I think that the reason that most of the attacks come from China and Russia is because they’re the two main countries that have a good amount of power in the world and if they could do anything to get more they would.

  3. This was an example of spear phishing attack on the white house. It’s scary for them to say they are uncertain whether the Chinese hackers were able to view sensitive information. If they were looking at the military network they could find vulnerabilities to the U.S. for a physical attack. Imagine if they knew they could launch an attack on us without any fear of us launching a counterattack on them.

    • Well they don’t know or they wont tell the media what the hackers were able to look at. This did happen recently so they will probably find out in the next couple of days.

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