Adobe’s random Flash patches

On Monday, Adobe released a seemingly random series of patches, with the intent to “correct 25 vulnerabilities” which were all rated as “critical” updates.  The specific vulnerabilities were not discussed, however I’d say its safe to say that the vulnerabilities were related to a lack of protection against some sort of massive exploit.  The attached article did, however, briefly mention that Windows users running Flash should also be cautious using it.

For the best protection, according to Adobe, both Windows and Mac users should simply upgrade to the newer version of Flash.  With the new update, the apparent “vulnerabilities” will no longer be a problem, leaving the users protected once again!

Although no clear reason was given for the patches, some reports have given the suggestion that these new, out of the blue patches were needed for extra protection as the “Pwnium bug-finding competition” will be held on Wednesday in Malaysia.  With this competition, there will be an increase in people looking for exploits as there are millions of dollars of prizes at stake.




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7 thoughts on “Adobe’s random Flash patches

  1. I find it interesting that there are so many vulnerabilities in Adobe’s products. If anyone knew anything about jailbreaking iphones and ipod touches, we all about, the site that used an adobe pdf exploit to install custom software on Apple’s iOS devices. Now we have adobe releasing patches for the ubiquitous Flash Player. Its great that they are releasing patches, but its a little unnerving to know that an application can be so easily exploited.

    • Every application is exploitable though. Basically if a hacker wants to exploit someone or something its just a matter of time. That’s why patches are so important because they fix the vulnerabilities before hackers can do major damage. I do agree however, that this is slightly shocking that something that we all use so much had so many vulnerabilities.

  2. I think we can find some solace in the fact that there is a patch. Even thought the quantity of exploits patched was relatively high, we now know that they have been dealt with. But what about the unpublished exploits? The exploits that have only been found by a few people? I think it’s safe to assume that they are out there. This assumption is exactly what prevents any anxiety on my end. Like we have discussed in class, the quantity and frequency of patches should be the primary factors in calculating a software’s level of security.

  3. Never noticed it until after you presented this but under all the Youtube videos is a notice telling me to update flash. Interesting since I have not got a flash popup asking me to update like usual patches.

  4. To me this isn’t really that surprising or suspicious, yeah it sucks and makes you worry, but that’s just how Flash is and always has been.

  5. I agree with mlm. The spontaneity of Flash updates has really always been around. It may be a coincidence that it occurred right before some big hacking/cracking event, but it may also just be a random occurrence and I’m not worrying too much about it.

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