It looks like a good day to go phishing!

It’s funny how not to long ago, when someone heard the word ‘fishing’ they assumed you meant that you were going to a lake, stream, river, ocean, or pond and using a fishing pole and tackle to catch a fish. It’s shocking, I know. But nowadays the word ‘fishing’ or ‘phishing’ doesn’t always mean that anymore. It still has the same concept I suppose, but you’re not ‘phishing’ for the same thing anymore. Now you’re trying to ‘catch’ someone’s information rather than a fish. Anyways … now to the article!

On August 24, 2012 there were phishing attacks going around that targeted Blackberry users. It tried to fool them into opening an email on their windows machine and then it would launch malware that would take over the user’s computer. The attacker created an email that looked like it came from the Blackberry Company saying that “they have successfully created a Blackberry ID” and “to enjoy they full benefits of the Blackberry ID, please follow the instructions on the attached file.” Then if the user fell for it and open the attached file which is loaded with malware, then the user’s computer would be taken over. The Websense security lab said that the Blackberry related Campaign noticed this on Thursday but 17 out of the 36 vendors still have not done anything to fix it. Websense also said that they are seeing similar emails coming from hotels.

The article did not say how many people fell for this phishing attack or how much information was stolen if the user did open the attached file.


3 thoughts on “It looks like a good day to go phishing!

  1. I work in a fairly large AmLaw 200 law firm in Northern New Jersey. Our tool mobile tool of choice for years has been the Blackberry. Recently in both the private and public eye, people have been talking about the end of Blackberry. My firm in particular is trying to develop a contingency plan, because it seems like RIM is going down. The news about this security breech seems to me to be another nail in Blackberry and RIMs coffin.

  2. I guess this is a smart idea because I think most Blackberry customers are young people who don’t know anything about phishing. Also, the message looks right and I think this idea would pass over too many BB users.

  3. I wonder why the Blackberry is being targeted, especially when their popularity is on a big down swing. Who knows, maybe that actually has something to do with it.

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