Unsecured Small Businesses


         U.S. Small Business owners are greatly underestimating their cyber security.  As 77% of small businesses believe that their company is safe from hackers, viruses, malware, and other cyber threats but 83% of them do not have an actual cyber-security plan in place. These surveys came in as a part of Cyber Security awareness month. The survey also comes in after learning that cyber-attacks against small businesses have already doubled for this year. There is a need for IT/security management at these smaller businesses. Unfortunately, many of the smaller businesses don’t believe spending money on cyber security is necessary but for the rather small poorly protected companies an attack could be disastrous.

         Also, Sixty percent of small/medium businesses say they do not have a privacy policy that employees must comply with when they handle customer or employee information. Some of the small businesses are not only putting themselves in danger but also their customers. At least they are satisfied, about 86% are content with the security they provide or lack of security they provide. These businesses need to understand they cannot remain safe if they do not take the necessary precautions. Small Business must understand that there is a need for cyber security and they are better off spending the necessary money than playing the odds.


83% think they are doing enough to protect customers

70% do not have a policy for social media use

71% say their business is dependent on internet for day to day operations

66% have the business owner “operating” cyber security for their company

While only 9% have an actual IT employee


6 thoughts on “Unsecured Small Businesses

  1. That’s why I think hackers these days try to hack small businesses instead of big ones because they now that small businesses usually cannot afford security costs whether technical of physical security. For instance, some insurance companies have low security and I think the reason for that is not because they think that they are secure but the reason for that is because they cannot afford security and pay taxes and pay what do they have to pay for their customers. I hope you get it.

  2. Most people running small busninesses probably aren’t even aware of any sort of real threat. I think if more information or regulations (oh no not regulations on small businesses!) then the problem would sort of start to fix itself, once hackers start to feel like small busninesses aren’t an easy nor profitable target.

    • Easy target? They most likely are, especially if their security isn’t up-to-date. Not profitable however? Bingo. It could be argued whether a small business is a good target or not. It depends on what is more valuable; the information that can be easily obtained from unsecured networks, or the small amount of money. I would imagine for a small business it would be the information since most of them obviously can’t afford to enhance their security, thus proving they don’t have much money.

  3. Interesting article. Small businesses need a wake up call. Just because they’re small, doesn’t mean that they’re immune. If I entrust a business of any size with my personal and financial information, I want to know that it is safe.

  4. Makes sense why small business would try to minimize cost. It’s sad to think about, but some of these security decisions really come back to haunt them later.

  5. From encounters with business owners in the past, I certainly would not feel comfortable with them running all of their networking and serving as their own IT guy. A privacy policy would honestly be the first thing that would come to my mind if opening up a business. It’s a dog eat dog world and compromised information used by competing businesses can cause trouble.

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