Cellphone Spying

We all know the NSA is listening to our conversations whether we’re on the phone or not. Can you imagine if someone could listen in to your conversations without you having to speak at all? Researchers at MIT and Georgia Tech looked into other resources on cell phones that are not normally attributed to information leaks, for example microphones and cameras.

Researchers have looked into using a phone’s accelerometer to detect vibrations from a nearby keyboard. At the moment, I do not believe it’s something to be worried about, since it does require the phone to be near the keyboard to detect the vibrations. Also, singular keypresses did not amount to much, but when keypresses are paired and correlated with a word dictionary, useful information is presented.

I found the article and paper to be a very interesting read. I think it’s a great example of a hacker/security mindset. Who would think to use an accelerometer to detect keypresses from a nearby keyboard?

Website – http://www.i-programmer.info/news/105-artificial-intelligence/6430-your-smartphone-spies-on-what-you-type-.html

Paper – http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~traynor/papers/traynor-ccs11.pdf


3 thoughts on “Cellphone Spying

  1. Just shows the length that hackers would go through and although very ingenious, could pose a huge problem whenever this becomes more widespread. Truly it seems as if privacy and civil liberties are being eaten away more. I also wonder if the cell phone producers are aware of this capability, have they taken measures against it or did they just over look such a vulnerability?

  2. Remember the baby monitor example? Perhaps people are able to transmit and receive audio via radio signals.

    Also, I believe organizations would find this vulnerability useful for special forces enforcement and/ or espionage. This is why I believe companies won’t remove that vulnerability , for that purpose.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if people are able to receive audio through radio signals because there is always a new discovery in science everyday along with advances in technology. It’s interesting how you stated that companies might use this vulnerability to spy on others; it could be an useful tactic but damaging for the organization if the public finds out what they are doing.

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