Hackers Exposed to the Web

Most of the time a hacker is usually careful with personal information they steal and also take advantage of the mistakes made by foolish individuals. Unfortunately one hacker has  been the one who was not being cautious.

Apparently, a breach of Adobe Systems’ network was found on a hacker’s web server that held numerous source codes that were open to the internet. The breach also showed 2.9 million encrypted customer credit card records. On October 3rd, Adobe was investigating a breach until chief information security officer Alex Holden, found to what appeared to be the company’s source code on hacking gang’s server. He stated that “the server was hidden but not well hidden.”

Source code can be used by hackers to easily find vulnerabilities in many different products. This can give them the potential to gain access to whatever they are looking for. This unnamed hacker gang is still at large and since this breach occurred other companies are concerned this group may have stolen information they can use against them. However, most of these companies are considered to take action when possible before the attackers strike again.

Sources:  http://www.pcworld.com/article/2054160/adobes-source-code-was-parked-on-hackers-unprotected-server.html



4 thoughts on “Hackers Exposed to the Web

  1. Be it, that the source code helps hackers identify vulnerabilities in the framework; I wonder if large corporations, (such as Adobe) can find out ways to redevelop the structure so that source codes cannot help hackers breach systems.

  2. One would think that if a hacking gang would put in so much effort to steal information, they would be more thorough when hiding their tracks. This is quite a close call for Adobe.

  3. Looks like someone was too busy in trying to hack and not protect their own information, Adobe got lucky on this one. But what if it is a trick??!

  4. I agree! Adobe got pretty lucky finding that code. The hacker really slipped up on that one.

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