The Cloud: Is it good or bad?

Is the Cloud good or is it bad? In order to answer this question we need to ask ourselves, what exactly is the cloud? What the cloud really is just a network of servers…or in other words, the internet. When you are at home surfing the internet you are on the cloud and the cloud can be used to do a great many things. You can play games on the cloud, watch movies, listen to music, and now everyone is starting to store personal data in the cloud, on the internet.

There are good and bad things about using the cloud. Some of the good things about the cloud are things like access to your personal or work files, even if you forget to bring them around with you. The game distribution program Steam has started using the cloud to sync video game save files so that if you are using more than one computer you still can pick up where you left off. I personally think that game saves are one of the best uses for the cloud so far, mostly because who is going to want to steal you game saves?

Some of the bad things about the cloud is that your files are simply on the internet, whether companies say they are secure or not and as one of the oldest sayings go “Once it is on the internet it is there forever.” Now this is not always the case, because if the files are being shared privately they can just be deleted, but if they get leaked into the public part of the internet they will likely stay there forever.

The article I read referred to the cloud as an “addiction” and I believe this is the right term to use considering all the companies suddenly trying to switch everything over to the cloud. The problem is what you gain from accessibility and reduced cost, you lose in security. This all depends on how each company works, but is also where the article states that the addiction of the cloud kicks in. “This is the slippery slope, data that might inadvertently go to the cloud or fall under the grip of the cloud addiction: ‘The last bit of data we sent to the cloud seems safe enough, so let’s move up the sensitivity pyramid and save even more money.’ ”

In the end, there really is no full security on the internet, or the cloud, what could help with the security would be to encrypt any important files that a company puts on the cloud. This would ensure that even if some files were taken that at least they wont be easily accessed, if at all. Is the Cloud good or bad might not be the right question then. It ,instead, might be better to ask how far are you willing to go to protect your files and how much security are you willing to compromise for the sake of accessibility and cost.



3 thoughts on “The Cloud: Is it good or bad?

  1. I feel like that is the direction we are heading to, as more cloud services are opening up and being provided. As with anything that deals with the internet, taking proper pre-cautions will always minimize security risks, so unless it is an absolute must, sensitive information should not be stored on a cloud. It will be interesting to see what new methods of safety will be provided. I had done research on a company that specializes on cloud services (InfoPreserve) and doing so, not every individual/organization may need use of a cloud, so always evaluating and doing a cost-benefit analysis will be helpful.

  2. I can think of several occasions in the past where the accessibility of the Cloud could have helped me out tremendously, such as instances when I left my flash drive at home and needed to work on a project for school. However, storing files on the Cloud, or the internet, poses some definite security hazards. In my opinion, companies and people should avoid putting their most imperative files on the Cloud as much as possible. As of now, I have not yet stored any truly important, information-containing files on the Cloud, and I plan to keep it that way.

  3. As always, it’s mostly a matter of cost vs. benefit. For many people, so-called cloud services provide a very easy to-use, out-of-the box experience that is just too good to consider anything else. Security concerns quickly fade in front of this.

    Furthermore, we even see companies relying on cloud providers for core services, putting their company at risk. But it still is more cost-efficient than having your in-house applications.

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