$45 Million Stolen from a Cyber Heist

On November 18, 2013, six men were arrested and accused of being apart of an international hacking organization. The thieves were from the Dominican Republic and were charged with conspiracy to commit access device fraud. They all pleaded not guilty.

According to court records this group of hackers targeted prepaid debit cards from Rakbank, based in the United Arab Emirates, and Bank Muscat, based in Oman. The operation was executed by eliminating withdrawal limits from compromised accounts. Then teams of “cashiers” were sent to make simultaneous withdrawals from ATMs around the world. One operation had thousands of coordinated ATM transactions  in 24 countries. According to the prosecutors of this case, $40 million was stolen from that operation alone. The six men were apart of a New York cell of the organization and the stole from 140 ATMs and were able to achieve $3 million from their operation.

The men of this heist were arrested in Yonkers, New York and are currently in court. All have pleaded not guilty and the consequences are to be determined.

Sources: http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/arrested-bags-cash-mass-cyber-heist/story?id=20925475


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