“Flaw in Affordable Care Act site records hack attempts through its search box and re-presents code as auto-complete options”

     As everyone should already be knowledgeable about, Obamacare’s grand opening has been met with great failure. Not many people have signed up, doctors have lost their positions and now, it seems like some hacker(s) have taken out their anger by taking advantage of and exploiting weaknesses on the Healthcare.gov website. As stated in an article titled, Obamacare Hacked: Hackers Hit Healthcare.gov With 16 Attacks, Design DoS Tool Called ‘Destroy Obama Care’, “The Department of Homeland Security said Monday that Healthcare.gov has been hit by as many as 16 cyber attacks from hackers. Authorities have also spotted a tool available for download that’s designed to hit Healthcare.gov with a denial-of-service attack (DoS).”

     The attacks were made last week on the 8th and 9th and although they were not successful, it is a small representation of the emotions many Americans are feeling today towards the Affordable Health Care Act. The government has already put a hacker to test out the site, and 10 weaknesses were reportedly found. There was a believe a couple of months ago before the website was launched, that it would be attacked due to a new security system not being checked until a later date and because of lack of sufficient training for workers who have to handle sensitive information.

     The government should learn a thing or two from this event and should properly evaluate configurations next time it tries to implement a new program/website, otherwise; hackers would joyfully try to break through (heck they might try to break through if the system is good anyways).


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  1. I’ve read about how the new system that is now put in place did not go through the proper security checks, nor was it release on a prompt time-frame. One would think that much more effort would have been put forth as it deals with massive amounts of sensitive information.

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