Password-Protecting Apps

Most everyone uses passwords. Passwords are the access point, or at least part of it, for most profiles or accounts, inside which many users store private information. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that these crucial combinations of characters should not fall into the wrong hands, specifically hackers and those who would use an individual’s information against him or her. However, many people face two general issues when it comes to passwords. Those are remembering every single password to each account, which can vary in quantity based on one’s computer usage or abilities, and the threat of losing passwords if a mobile device is somehow lost. Luckily for mobile users, there are several mobile applications specifically dedicated to assisting users in their password management. Many find these applications useful because then they are not forced to memorize all of their passwords. They are as follows:

1. 1Password-This is the best-known password manager app. Utilizing a master password and encryption for all data within the app, 1Password is rather secure in mobile terms. It allows for users to organize their passwords and information using data categories. Included in this application is a secure browser, which enters passwords and credit card information for you in the appropriate places. Another feature is the strong password generator, which randomly produces a complex password. On iOS, this app is listed at $18, but there is a free, much simpler version available for Android.

2. LastPass-With simplicity in mind, LastPass creates an easily navigable program that secures a variety of a user’s personal information behind a master password. Contrary to 1Password, this application allows for one to secure certain snippets of text and media. Although LastPass is free, a $12 per year subscription is required to perform functions such as filling in information.

3. oneSafe– This application has clearer graphics than it’s rivals and is only priced at $6. Storing passwords and credit card information, as well as personal documents, oneSafe can secure many types of private information. If the user prefers, he or she can use a pattern swipe access code, as opposed to a master password. Another handy feature is the app’s ability to notify the user if any unauthorized attempt is made to access the account.

4. Keeper– This app, although similar to the others, contains one unique feature. Keeper provides users with the ability to share private information with a trusted individual.

5. Wolfram Password Generator Reference App-This application randomly generates tricky,long-character passwords, and even lets users know how long it will take to crack them. The Wolfram Password Generator Reference App is available only on iOS and is priced at $1.


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  1. I definitely have considered utilizing one of these apps, however due to the fact that I use both my mobile device and pc simultaneously, have stuck to my normal passwords. by applying combination of words, mixing them up within the password, etc. Of course passwords can add up and one does not want to reuse the same password so I can see these apps being heavily used soon.

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