Adobe Hacked using SQLI

In 2012 hackers got access to a database of 150,000 adobe accounts.  The egyptian hacker had the codename “ViruSHimA”.  He broke into the server using SQLI(Structured Query Language injection), which is a type of code injection.  The account information was stored in a hash table which he was able to easily crack because it used the algorithm MD5 to hash the information.  Hash tables are basically created by turning a string, like a username for example, into a number that’s used as an index in an array for some data associated with it, like a password for example.  It seems like was the only server affected.  The hacker posted some of the emails online.  He said that he did it because he wanted to see the biggest vendors be safer than this, and he talked about how it can take months for adobe to patch a security weakness.