“The Day We Fight Back”

There is an internet pushback against the NSA, led by websites like Reddit and Tumblr.  It’s called “The Day We Fight Back,” and internet activists are getting serious about ending NSA spying on law abiding peaceful citizens.  The protesters want to defeat the FISA Improvements Act, a law in which is supposed to give transparency to what the NSA is doing, but doesn’t do anything to hinder its practices.  In place of the FISA bill the activists want to pass the USA Freedom Act, which will increase NSA transparency, but also get rid of the backdoor loophole the NSA uses to target citizens.  Websites that are a part of the movement will include a banner and an embedded app so that visitors can contact their senators and representatives to support the USA Freedom Act.


Source: http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2014/02/fight-back/