Syrian Electronic Army strikes again

The Syrian Electronic Army is a collection of computer hackers that support the Syrian government but are not funded or endorsed by the government. The SEA is infamous for public attacks on websites, mainly websites in the Western hemisphere, and political opposition groups. Just this past week on Sunday, the SEA struck again and managed to walk away with information about a million users of Ten days before this attack, they launched an attack on Facebook and luckily they did not take anything but they managed to change some of the records of Facebook’s WHOIS records. The Facebook attack was nothing too serious, although a little alarming, but the Forbes breach was a big one. On the SEA Twitter account, they boasted about getting into Forbes and showed a picture of them editing it. They then proceeded to ask if anyone wanted to buy the records of a million people but then later said that they were not for sale and uploaded a download of the text file containing the users information. The fact that this group can get away with posting their hacks on Twitter is pretty astounding. I am surprised that they have not been caught yet because they publicly boast and openly hack websites. The authorities have been contacted, however, and are working towards finally catching this band of criminals.