Target was warned about security breach

Over two months before the security breach that allowed millions of Target shoppers’ credit cards to be stolen, Target’s own computer security experts warned that there may be security holes in Target’s payment system and wanted to do a review of the system. Target did not respond to this request and because of this, millions of customers’ credit card information was stolen. The hackers were able to log in to Target remotely using a contractor’s electronic credentials. From there, the hackers were able to access Target’s network and steal credit card information. The secret service is now involved in this case due to the amount of people affected by this security breach. A former employee commented that although this attack could have been prevented, Target’s cybersecurity staff prevents several of these similar attacks each day. Therefore, the exploit the hackers used was overlooked by the cybersecurity staff and allowed Target to be hacked. This hacking incident was bad news for Target, because it has marred Target’s image to the public.