Iranian Hackers In Navy’s Network

            In September of 2013 Iranian hackers infiltrated the Navy Marine Corps Intranet. The Navy Marine Corp Intranet is the biggest unclassified network. This network is used for websites, to store nonsensitive information, and to handle voice, video, and data communications. The Navy’s network has 800,000 users in approximately 2,500 different locations. According to officials it took approximately four months for the Navy to purge the hackers from their network. They also stated that there was no evidence of the hackers getting into other networks through the Navy’s and that there is no evidence that the hackers got to any classified material. However the hackers did manage to hack into email account, but according to officials no information was stolen. The hackers were able to gain access to the network through a security gap in one of the Navy’s websites. The Navy had hired contractors to come and help with the response to the attack on their network, and the approximate cost to fix the network is around 10 million dollars. Since the attack the Navy and other departments of the government have been working on making their networks more secure.




One thought on “Iranian Hackers In Navy’s Network

  1. This is very interesting that the Iranian hackers would be interested and invest time and resources into breaking into unclassified information. I would have assumed they would have gone for classified information instead of this, although this route is much simpler.

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