Tinder leaked data

If you haven’t heard the app Tinder has had another data leak but does this concern anyone? A security firm called IncludeSec revealed this leak last week and explained using simple math a hacker could get the pinpoint location of someone with in 100 feet of where they actually are located.  This is the same issue that had happened last year and the company still did not release anything saying they had a leak in the system.

Tinder’s founder and CEO said that the app has in total been “swiped” 30 billion times and 300 matches total. And stated that once contacted about the issue the fixed the leak.

Most recent leak article: http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/20/problem-in-tinder-dating-app-leaked-user-locations/

Last years leak article: http://qz.com/107739/tinders-privacy-breach-lasted-much-longer-than-the-company-claimed/