Record breaking DDoS Attack

Ironically last February, not only was there a day to fight against government censorship of the internet, but on the same day a record breaking 400 Gb/s Distributed Denial of Service attack on February 11. CloudFlare reported on it, followed by French hosting company OVH also reported they were fending off an attack of the same caliber. Due to confidentiality agreements neither were at liberty to discuss whom was attacked.

The previous record was the Spamhaus attack last year at a peak of 300 GB/s of traffic. Spamhaus is an European organization that blacklists ISP’s that supposedly host spam groups. This attack with peaking at 400 GB/s used a type of attack called a NTP reflection attack. This attack takes a crafted packet and has it request large amounts of data to be sent back to the host. As more and more requests go through the amount of data bogs down the system and eventually will crash it.



One thought on “Record breaking DDoS Attack

  1. I wonder who was behind this attack especially because of the size of it. Whoever it was really must have wanted to shut down their websites and had something against the people who they attacked.

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