360 million newly stolen credentials on black market: cybersecurity firm

A cyber-security firm announced last Tuesday that it had found 360 million stolen credentials on the cyber black markets. This is a much larger issue than just stolen credit card data because there is the chance that these user names and passwords could be used for bank accounts, health records or any other type of computer account.

Alex Holden is the chief information security officer who was part of the team at Hold Security LLC, that was able to obtain this information over the past three weeks by their own separate attacks. It is noteworthy that one of these attacks that his team was able to make yielded 105 million records which is now the largest single credential breach known. It does not say what they did for these attacks to find this information though.

He believes that all these accounts and passwords were stolen sometime in breaches that have yet to been publicly reported. The companies that have been breached are still unaware of it and third party companies are searching for evidence and will notify them when found.

All of the accounts and passwords for the most part are in encrypted text, in contrast to the last breach his team uncovered for Adobe.

link: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/25/us-cybercrime-databreach-idUSBREA1O20S20140225

-Robert Khirallah


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