Malware Threats making Anti-Virus Software almost useless

Since the malware threats have increased greatly, security measures such as anti-virus software has become almost completely useless. Most software cannot keep up with the amount of malware online nowadays. Malware is usually created to steal passwords, credit cards and banking information to most likely steal money or sell to other people. Cybercrime is estimated to be a $3 billion dollar US industry. These hackers usually get into a computer by “social engineering”. Some people will get emails and ads while other times the malware will be in a program said to get rid of malware.
Most anti-virus programs respond to a specific malware, but if that malware is changed slightly, the anti-virus software won’t pick it up. Anti-virus software isn’t useless in the sense it could make a hacker’s life a lot harder than trying to get into a computer without it. In this article, the solution is whitelisting to good websites instead of blacklisting all of the malware, since there is so much nowadays. Whitelisting could be more useful in that it would warn you if a website has been penetrated by hackers. You could stop the malware from even trying to get into your computer by not visiting the websites that might hide it.