Help! My fridge is full of spam and so is my router, set-top box and console

Between last December 23rd and January 6th an internet-connected fridge helped to send more than 750000 spam and phishing emails.

This attack was considered an “internet of things cyberattack” and a company says that more than 100,000 “everyday consumer gadgets” including multimedia centres, smart TVs and refrigerators that had been hacked were used to launch the attack. Only recently objects such as fridges, washing machines, and media players have internet connectivity. Which created a new opportunity for hacker attacks. 

These objects were not infected in a traditional way as computer is. Most gadgets had been left open and the hackers used the software running on them to attack. Proofpoint says that “A basic port-scanning attack would enable attackers to discover essentially open devices.”.

Still unclear if these devices have the same security as a home PC, with strong anti-malware measures. The number of gadgets with internet connectivity is expected to grow in the next years and it might be a big target for cybercriminals. 



2 thoughts on “Help! My fridge is full of spam and so is my router, set-top box and console

  1. How will these companies fix this problem with the computers? Do you think that the issues that these items are having now, deter consumers from buying these products or any other ones that come out later?

    • The companies should create software with higher security standards for those computers.
      I think that people might have second thoughts before buying any of these products, but if those problems are fixed I don’t think consumers won’t buy the products. Besides that most of people probably won’t know about these products when buying a refrigerator or a washing machine.

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