Malaysia Plane Hacked by Mobile Device?




During the continued search for the missing Malaysia Aircraft there has been speculation that the aircraft could have been hacked by a mobile device. According to a British anti-terror expert Dr Sally Leivesley, she believes this could be the first cyber hijack. By cyber hacking the plane, the hacker would be able to control the speed, altitude and destination of where the plane was headed. Official fear that this attack was a planned and well calculated attack by a highly knowledgeable software engineer.

 Dr Sally Leivesley said that she believes that a malicious code could have been used to hack into the plane’s system and override the auto-pilot. 

“It is looking more and more likely that the control of some systems was taken over in a deceptive manner, either manually, so someone sitting in a seat overriding the autopilot, or via a remote device turning off or overwhelming the systems. A mobile phone could have been used to do so or a USB stick.”

Officials are currently looking into the backgrounds of the pilot and co-pilot and the 239 passengers. They are trying to see if they can get any leads from computer or to see if there is any paper trails that can lead them to the missing aircraft. At the pilots house they found documentation that is being sent to the forensic labs to be analyzed; In hope of finding a lead.

There was a German Security consultant name Hugo Teso who developed a way to hack an airplane by using a mobile app named PlaneSpolit. With this app he was able to hack into the airplanes security systems using malicious codes. 

As of right now they are unsure as to where the airplane is. There has been other people that have found ways to hack the GPS systems to make it look like planes and ships are under water when in fact they are not. I find this very scary because anyone can be controlling your next flight and you may not end up at your intended destination..