Government Computers Vulnerable

On April 8th Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP. One major organization that this will effect is the government. According to federal officials there are still seven million government computers still running Windows XP, this is about 10% of their computers. Security experts say that hackers are stockpiling vulnerabilities and waiting for the day when Microsoft stops supporting XP. Government officials have also stated that back in April 2012 the Department of Homeland Security had sent out a draft with a plan pushing for the prioritization of moving the computer running Windows XP to a more modern operating system.  This has become a great concern as the end-of-life date is approaching. Many of the government computers still running XP have classified material on them, this includes some of the computers on naval ships. Officials say that they are working on getting as many computers to a different operating system before the date, but there will still be some using XP when the support for the OS is stopped.