Journalists Worldwide Under Attack

Recently, 21 of the world’s top news organizations have been attacked in what appears to be a pro-government hack. The attacks were specifically aimed at journalists and were clearly in favor of government action, suggesting that a government was supporting, if not leading, the attacks.

The media companies being targeted were mainly in places like Morocco, and Ethiopia, but the targets were clearly global. The attacks were mainly infected emails in the hiding as a human rights document. There was a shocking discovery that, while the attacks are nothing new, the number of unreported attacks was surprisingly high. Another surprise is that, as Marquis-Boire says, “A lot of news organizations are just waking up to this”. “This” being cyber warfare.




2 thoughts on “Journalists Worldwide Under Attack

  1. I wonder why they concentrated on Morocco and Ethiopia? I wonder what is special about these locations?

  2. I wonder who/what country was behind this attack. It seems like something the US would do secretly to censor the media.

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