Man Charged in Microsoft Support Scam

Mohammed Khalid Jamil of the U.K, was running a false buisness, hiring people in an Indian call center to copy Microsoft proffesionals. They would cold call people, offering them antivirus protection that wasn’t needed and free from Microsoft. People were being charged anywhere from £35 to £150. Jamil was sentenced to four months in prison, ordered to pay a fine of £5,000, £5,665 to compensate victims and £13,929 in prosecution fees.


10 thoughts on “Man Charged in Microsoft Support Scam

  1. I am surprised if this man went to so much trouble to deceive these individuals, he did not make them download something that would allow him to get their financial information. That would allow them to earn a bigger reward for the big risk they are already taking.

    • He really didn’t go through that much trouble doing this, he just dumped some money into a call center.

  2. I think it’s odd that he was that uncreative in selling the antivirus. I am surprised he did not at least re-brand the software so it wasn’t so blatantly obvious it was stolen.

    • I think people that fall for this type of scam don’t know the difference between AOL and IE, so I am sure they wouldn’t have a clue what they are being told about viruses and the programs the are downloading.

  3. I am honestly shocked that this guy managed to get away with something like this. I assumed that most people would be smart enough to figure out that Microsoft would never call someone telling them to download something.

    • Most people only know what AOL or email is maybe Facebook, there are lots of people that don’t have more than basic knowledge of what buttons to press to download that cool cat picture.

  4. The article said that the scams were mostly successful on old people, I wonder if they specifically targeted old people or if they just called people at random. He only paid about 5,600 pounds, does that mean that he didn’t pay as much back as he took, or was his scam just really unsuccessful.

    • It is possible he earned more but you would think he would have to pay forward what he earned from people.

  5. This plan seems pretty elaborate. Scary to think people actually plan this kind of stuff out to this degree.

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