Still No Consistent Computer Security Plan at SC Agencies

After a hacker stole the private information of more than six million taxpayers in South Carolina 18 months ago, there still is not a consistent computer security plan in place. The state did beef up security by the division of state information technology monitoring state agency computer systems for signs of hacking attempts. Although agencies that didn’t want to comply with these standards apparently don’t have to. This could lead to holes in the system and it is surprising that they have not been hacked since the last breach. Their solution, since it is too late in legislative session to get a bill passed for a consistent plan, lawmakers will put language in the budge to require that for one year.



4 thoughts on “Still No Consistent Computer Security Plan at SC Agencies

  1. The ignorance of those agencies is evident. The lack of participation could end up screwing up the whole legislation and they could wind up in the same circumstance as before.

  2. It is alarming to think that people are not being forced to adapt these new security measures. If it were me, I would force them to be in place by a certain deadline and if they aren’t then they should be fined.

  3. It is weird to me that they haven’t been attacked again since. Going without a plan after an initial attack 18 months ago and not getting another attack since seems pretty lucky.

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