User Information Stolen

Hackers were able to access names, email addresses, partially encrypted sign-on information, and message histories of over 158,000 forum users on the website. is a web based television service that was recently acquired by Samsung. LastPass found out this information was stolen and contacted the users of the website telling them to change their information on the website immediately. There is an 800 megabyte file of the users information on the internet available for download, which is an extreme security risk. The hackers were able to access the forum and leave a message stating that they hacked the forum and mocked Samsung, saying “Thanks for root on your server, it was pretty easy actually”. A website called “Have I been Pwned” acquired the file of stolen user information to add to its database of stolen user accounts and passwords. The purpose of this website is to allow users to check if their personal information was compromised.


5 thoughts on “ User Information Stolen

  1. I mean heck if you’re gonna screw a company over might as well entertain everyone once they find out right.

  2. It’s pretty crazy how they an get away with posting the information online so easily.

  3. hm, I’ve never heard of “Have I been Pwned”. I wonder how many users just didn’t bother changing their passwords. The main risk is probably for users who used the same password on that site as on a more important account.

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