A new way to end cable.

After searching the internet for some time now looking for a good article to do this mini blog on I noticed that there is alot of controversy about the Aereo supreme court case. There is alot of controversy whether or not Aereo is in violation of the broadcasters copyrights. Aereo claims to be a company that it does not broadcast anything, but is an “antenna-renting service” and that each user has his/her own antenna they use to watch certain shows that are stored on a cloud. The reason this case is truly going to the supreme court is because Aereo chargers its users 8 – 12$ a month but does not use the money to pay the networks the same way the cable company does. Depending how the Supreme court rule this could determine what kind of new companies can start up.


sources: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/aereo-delivers-great-local-tv-service-to-cord-cutters.-for-now.-82916180311.html



9 thoughts on “A new way to end cable.

  1. I’m not all that clear on what Aero does exactly, or how clouds and antennae work together. Last I heard, a cloud interrupts radio communications.

  2. I hope it here to stay I think its a better deal then Hulu and Netflix. I’m sure they can work out some sort of deal

  3. It would be interesting to see how the Supreme Court rules on this, and if any other companies follow suit. Cable and Satellite (both Direct tv and Dish) TV have become outrageously expensive. Saving money and being able to watch what we like is important.

  4. I would be surprised to see the supreme court let this service continue. Though there is a possibility since a related case, Cablevision 2008, passed in a lower court. Then again probably not since the Obama administration has also sided with the television broadcasters (http://money.cnn.com/2014/03/04/technology/innovation/aereo-obama/), and we all know how well separation of powers works in this country..

  5. This is a pretty interesting topic, because it seems like this company is doing nothing wrong. It just seems like the broadcasting companies are upset that Aereo has a superior product. It will be interesting to see how the Supreme court rules this, as this may pave the way for other companies doing the same thing. It’s a convenient way to get local television on the go.

  6. I don’t usually watch local news so I still prefer Netflix but I don’t think the supreme court will allow Aereo working for too long, networks probably don’t want another company broadcasting without paying them.

  7. I would definitely buy this. this company is going to make millions.

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