A New Zero Day Bug Found in IE

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According to a statement put out by Microsoft late last Saturday, there was a zero day bug discovered that can affect IE browsers going all the way back to IE6. While this effects nearly 25% of the internet browsing user base, there will be no patch for the recently deprecated Windows XP.

How the bug works

The bug lies within how Internet Explorer handles objects stored in memory that have been deleted or not properly allocated. This vulnerability can allow the remote execution of code within the current users session. An attacker could develop a site, and once a user accesses it they would fall victim to this exploit.

Microsoft is planning to release a patch for this as quickly as possible.



Microsoft Advisory


23 thoughts on “A New Zero Day Bug Found in IE

  1. If it was only that easy to make people stop using IE. Also something to note this is the first major security issue for XP since Microsoft has stopped support.

  2. This is probably the first to come, as a lot of hackers were saving up their exploits for when Microsoft dropped support of XP. While this isn’t exclusively XP it still affects nearly everyone who uses it.

    • Pretty much just old people, so the vast majority of our political system. The sheer number of security risks inherent to having people in political power using such an outdated and clearly insecure browser is a very large problem.

  3. 25% of the internet explorer users is a lot. I believe that most of the people that use internet explorer don’t have much background on information security. I might be wrong but most of people I know that use IE are relatives or friends relatives that don’t use internet for developing/working reasons, these people are very vulnerable to issues like this.

    • Chrome and Mozilla are great browsers, but it’s interesting to see that each browser has it’s own issues.

      Here’s an interesting image:

      • That is really interesting, I noticed that explorer is about a 9 for security, ease of use, speed and capability; where as chrome is 10. To me the don’t seem so far off.

    • Hahaha true statement… Friends make friends use chrome so you can download the nicholas cage plug in so that every picture becomes nicholas cage so we all get a good laugh.

  4. Im really surprised people still use internet explorer, especially after its gotten such a bad reputation over the years.

  5. Im actually surprised that 25 percent are still using internet explorer. I feel like more people have migrated to more secure browsers or a quicker browser such as chrome. For me at least, chrome is also the easiest to use, problem is, i feel like “older people” don’t know much of chrome.

    • is this America or the world? Because I’m certain polar bears that want internet would be satisfied with IE until they have better

  6. This is a comment about IE. Please reference my later comments to get an accurate understanding of the English language. On a side note… who the hell was using IE to care and notice something like this.

  7. I believe Microsoft has come out with a patch for the bug. It says that the new update fixes the bug on the XP too.

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