Adobe Breach

In 2013 Adobe experienced a breach that Adobe claimed affected over 38 million people in which large amounts of account information was compromised. Account information such as user names, passwords, and credit and debit card information was compromised during the break in. The credit and debit card information that was hacked, Adobe claims that it was encrypted information and they also claim that only 2.9 million people had their encrypted debit and/or credit card information stolen. For those people that had their information stolen, Adobe is offering a 1 year credit monitoring free of charge and is also notify banks to be cautious of strange purchases. The break in affected almost all adobe systems, including but not limited to: Reader, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc. The hack was not made aware to the public until October of 2013. The weekend following the public announcement a file was released that appeared to show that over 150 million Adobe user had had their information stolen. Adobe responded to this be emailing all active users of affected accounts with procedures on how to reset their passwords and reset passwords and notified the users of non-active accounts. Source codes from Acrobat, Reader, Cold Fusion, and Photoshop were also stolen during the breach. Ireland’s Office of Data Protection immediately began to aid Adobe and authorities in trying to trace this breach and find out exactly how many were affected and how much information was exactly compromised.


Steve Bochenski