DHS Contractor Breach

In August USIS, a company that runs background checks for the Department of Homeland Security reported a breach that lead to theft of employees personal information. USIS was notified of the breach by the FBI who says they believe this was a state-sponsored attack. There is no clear number of how many employees were affected by the breach but the breach did cause the Department of Homeland Security to suspend all work with USIS. It is also believed that the attack was only internal meaning it did not affect employees outside the department but does include some DHS personnel working with USIS. The attack is believed to have been traced to China but was not linked to the breach of the Office of Personnel Management that occurred in March. Analysts working on the case were not allowed to divulge any information but did claim that all information from the breach was encrypted and was not stolen or downloaded but was run through some sort of encryption cracking software. However a senior administrator working on the case also stated that it is unclear how much of the data still remain encrypted.



Steve Bochenski