China attacking iCloud

Apple is once again experiencing drama surrounding its iCloud service, as China has begun man in the middle attacks against iCloud users in its country.  A man in the middle attack is like eavesdropping on a connection: the attack poses as a connection between the victim and the service of choice to record the information the victim sends then forward it on to the service.  This makes the connection appear normal to the victim while in fact their information is being compromised.  This attack against iCloud is a clear attempt by China to gain the personal information of its citizens, including data from iMessage, photos, contacts, and credentials.

There is much speculation as to the reason for the attacks.  Some believe that this attack is in response to Apple’s new default security measures being placed on their mobile devices.  Another possibility is that the attacks are linked to the so-called “Umbrella Revolution” currently taking place in Hong Kong.  Whatever the true cause, this is not the first time China has performed such attacks and surely will not be the last.

Tyler Zimmermann


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  1. Is there any way citizens/Apple can fight these attacks? China does control the national ISPs: should Chinese citizens expect any semblance of privacy?

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