UK Government Cracks Down

The Computer Misuse Act has been in affect in the the Parliament of the United Kingdom since 1990. It it used to deal with hackers who commit serious crimes. But now its up for revision as people continue to complain about the original Bill’s poor wording and hasty creation.

With the Bill being amended it would allow judges to hand out life sentences to British hackers whose actions damage, national security, the environment, the economy or the human welfare in any country. As cyber crimes become increasingly damaging, as said by a Home Office spokesperson “they blight lives and causes misery across the UK. It is a threat to our national security and costs hard-working taxpayers at least £24bn a year.” the government needs to increase the severity of the punishments.

The Bill has yet to be amended. It reached the House of Lords on October 14th, where Baroness Williams of Trafford expressed her concern of the wording to still be too vague. But the government is keen to press ahead with the Bill, and we should see a change soon.

Cameron Clark