Dark Hotel Espionage

Russian Based Kaspersky Labs has released a report detailing an on going spear-phishing attack. The Dark Hotel attacks are described as highly selective spear-phishing attacks solely attacking high level businessmen. The attacks take place within hotel networks in East Asia. The attacks only target top executives from numerous industries that do business in the Asia-Pacific region. Kaspersky Labs has been able to date these sorts of attacks taking place since 2007. The attacks are still taking place today. The attackers are able to create back doors in the executives computers under the veil of popular software updates. Instead surveillance programs are installed on the executives machine with the ability to extract sensitive data. High level zero day attacks have been noted to access back doors into the hosts PC. Kaspersky declares these attacks to be remarkable because they “employ methods and techniques which go well beyond typical cybercriminal behavior.”. The selective behavior to which the targets are tracked suggests a very knowledgeable attacker, that knows the targets whereabouts. Kaspersky published the “Darkhotel: A Story of Unusual Hospitality” report November 10, 2014.

– Ian Stubenbord

Source: https://securelist.com/blog/research/66779/the-darkhotel-apt/