President Obama Speaks To Chinese President Xi Jinping About Cyber Security and Threats

Over the last few months, China has been accused of spying and thievery of information through corporate espionage, and specifically through what the US believes to be groups of hackers sent by the Chinese government.  The main issue that we’re concerned with is cybersecurity and how it would be in the best interest of everyone involved to stop any break-ins.

Supposedly, Chinese hacker groups have managed to get into United States and European governments and private companies, though they have denied any involvement whatsoever and claim that they are not sponsoring anyone to do any such thing.  This claim is partially supported by the fact that at least one of the hacker groups have launched attacks on internal Chinese agencies.

Ironically, China has been blaming the United States about rampant cybersecurity issues, starting after the incident with Edward Snowden last year.  What Snowden revealed included that China was part of cyber attacks from the United States, so naturally China is a bit uneasy, and perhaps finds it hypocritical even, that the US is trying to tell China to control their issues.