USPS Hacker Attack

USPS, the United Stats Postal service has recently reported that hackers have been taking data from the service for over eight months. They have reported that the personal data of over eight hundred thousand employees has been taken along with 3 million customer’s data. The spokesmen for USPS, has said that there is no information that this data has been exploited.

USPS is currently working with the FBI to investigate the breach. They are also taking measurements to get better security by upgrading their current servers with added security measurements. USPS spokesmen have also said that there systems are still at risk and that the hackers may still be in the system along with malware that may be hidden and awaiting commands to activate.

There is some small speculation on who initiated the attack but USPS stated that there focus is not on who did the attack but rather protecting their systems and customers. They have offered a years worth of credit monitoring for its employees and they have recommended that customers pay attention to their bank accounts and change the passwords they use on accounts that have sensitive information.