Patient Data Breached in Armed Robbery

Boston, MA – On September 24, 2014, A laptop and a cell phone containing patient data was stolen from a Brigham and Women’s Hospital physician. Even through both devices were encrypted, the assailants forced the physician to provide the pass codes to bypass the security measures. The press release issued on November 17 by the Brigham and Women’s  Hospitable indicted that 999 patients had some of the following information on the devices: names or partial names, medical record number, age, medications, or information about diagnosis and treatment. The patients received treatment at the hospitable between October 2011 and September 2014 and a small amount of the data were participants in research studies. The devices have not been recovered.

The Boston Police were notified immediately and the hospitable started an investigation and created a work group to deal with the incident. They are also reviewing policies and procedures  to better counter similar incidents in the future. The hospitable is also notifying the affected patients.

-David Mauriello