Businesses Seek Liability Protection From Security Information Sharing

In light of the recent hacks on Sony Pictures, President Obama released a statement that “no foreign nation, no hacker, should be able to shut down our networks, steal our trade secrets, or invade the privacy of American families.” But keeping up with cyber security threats on America is easier said than done, and hackers are getting more sophisticated by the day. At the National Cybersecurity Communications Integration Center (NCCIC), government officials work tirelessly to keep up with these threats.

However, there’s a small stumbling block that would make things much easier if it could be overcome; in order to offer the best possible protection, there needs to be good communication. The government has to share information about security threats, and the companies have to share information about when they are targeted by said threats. But trying to share that information without compromising the data of company employees is much easier said than done, and businesses are concerned about being sued by their employees for sharing personal data with the government. Thus, companies are looking for liability protection from the government. If they can get this, it would be easier for them and the government to handle security threats, as information about attacks would be more easily disclosed, allowing something to actually be done about said attacks. The more information is available to people, the easier it is to stay safe.


– Arron Reed