CryptoWall 2.0

CryptoWall is a virus known as ransomware. This virus is known to infiltrate your computer when you click on a legitimate-looking attachment or through existing malware that is in your hard drive. Once the virus is released it instantly encrypts all your files. Once all your files are encrypted you receive a ransom note demanding money for a decryption key. If the money it not received within a week, the price is doubled. After that is not paid then the decryption key would be destroyed and your files would be lost forever.

CryptoWall only accept Bitcoins as their currency, which can be even more difficult for some users who don’t know much about this online currency. Conveniently, the hackers attach a link on how Bitcoins work (with pictures).

Once you get this virus it is technically impossible to get rid of it without paying the ransom. So you are pretty much forced to pay up unless you want to lose your files. It is also hard for government agencies to crack down on these group of hackers, not because we can’t find them ( normally originating from Russia), but because its difficult getting foreign governments to cooperate and extradite them.

Some ways to avoid getting this ransomware would be not opening attachments from emails that don’t typically add attachments and aren’t very trustworthy. Also it would be very smart to keep your files backed up so if this does end up happening to you, you have a back up to fall back on and you won’t lose everything.