Necessity for Cyber Security

Recent attacks on Target, Home Depot, and Sony have brought up the need for precaution for attacks through technology. It first started with Target, stealing millions of credit card numbers through a malware program that was uploaded to the security system in Target. Then the same thing was done with Home Depot. Then cyber-terrorism as people call it, went to the next level with Sony. North Korea attempted to destroy the computer network, it wasn’t just to steal information. These are not the only instances in which hackers have tried to infiltrate U.S computer systems. By the likes of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran have tried to hack into U.S companies for espionage purposes or financial gain. As of right now there is no effective strategy to counter these infiltrations.

There are legislation’s taking place to address the threat that is currently endangering our country. As of right now, there is a federal civilian interface at the department of homeland security. They cover 16 different sectors and a private sector. However, this isn’t nearly enough, as the assistant director from the FBI cyber security division Joseph Demarest, told Congress “the sophisticated malware used in the Sony hack “would have slipped and gotten past 90 percent of the net defenses that are out there today in private industry and been a challenge to state governments.” Which means that our standing in Cyber security is very weak, and we are very vulnerable to cyber-terrorism.

-Jacob Mayer