White House Summit and President’s Executive Order

Last week on Friday, February 13th, Stanford University hosted a day-long summit that brought together cyber security experts and industry leaders from across the country. The purpose of the summit was to help develop better communication within the private sector and between the government and private sector about cyber threats.

President Obama also attended, issuing a new executive order regarding information sharing and promoting collaboration. Though the order does not require any company’s participation, for those that do participate, it offers easier access to classified cyber threat information and encourages the development of information sharing organizations and standardization for such organizations.While most everyone agreed that information sharing is important in defending against attacks, many also agreed that information sharing was not enough. Newer technologies to authenticate someone’s identity, beyond passwords and PINs, are being explored. And still others focused on maintaining the privacy of consumers and the concerns that surround sharing information with the government.


-Kortni Sheldon