NSA with Super malware?

Kaspersky Lab, is an international software security group, has announce that last Tuesday they have discovered a malware that they have never seen before. They have given the group a name “The Equation Group” who has been using these malware that use a technique that ordinary antivirus or antimalware can’t stop. Most of target was Windows but it has been found that some Mac OS X in China was hit as well making even the iOS vulnerable to attacks. Many attack by this Equation Group has targets government, diplomatic institutions, nuclear research facilitates as well as many gas and oil companies across 30 countries and over 500 victims. They have created many platform from which they attack those targets as well and encrypt using many form of algorithms, such as RC5 and 6, AES, and XOR. Code used by those were written back as early as 2008 making Kaspersky Lab suspect that they can be even more sophisticated by now. Also due to the targeting of this super malware by equation who happens to be also targeted by stuxnet, which was made by U.S NSA, that has led Kaspersky Lab to believe that this so called super malware was also created by NSA or at least a connect between NSA and The Equation Group. Rob Enderle tech analyst also stated that this will, ” create a huge cloud over U.S technology,[and this strategy] may have become a greater liability than a asset.” This creates an idea that what if this was used against us, can this really bring down a whole a lot more than what it was planned for? or will it be just another hick up for us and be able to adapt. I personally think that this can help us whole a lot if this is under US NSA control but if it is independent such as Equation Group, I believe us as a new cyber security personals that we can adapt and better our selves before this takes us down.

Also an interview with president Obama on cyber security. As well as explain our current situation nationally and his goal of improving this situation.